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Permanent Recruitment

· Candidate Selection

r2b2® search their extensive database and match candidates to your specifications. r2b2® receive between 6,000 and 10000 cv's per week. r2b2® is consistently praised for the accuracy of it's selection process which ensures our client's time is not wasted reviewing unsuitable cv's.

· Executive/Specialist Search

r2b2®carry out a thorough investigation into a specific sector and then conduct a confidential search in order to identify individuals with specialist skills or those who may be unlikely to reply to an advertising campaign.

Supply Of Contract Personnel

r2b2 provide highly qualified, professional consultants to work with your existing staff at cost-effective rates. Contract periods can be of any duration, offering you an opportunity to utilise specialist skills and the latest techniques as you need them and for as long as you need them. Our contractors work for you to achieve the right results in the desired time scale. Consultants will often have security clearance already in place or recently lapsed and will have experience of working at 'sensitive' sites.

Relevant Experience

r2b2® has been supplying consultancy and support to the MOD and it's associated agencies, Government, Prime Contractors and Industry since 1988. r2b2® has a good reputation for matching almost impossible job specifications in short time scales.

Supported Hardware And Software

Due to the collective experience within r2b2®, we feel we are qualified to undertake support of all computer hardware and software currently on the market, together with the majority of systems from the recent past.

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